SoundTouring I-PADova

5 itineraries with original music and scripts, that you can listen to in your own time. The web based system acts both as a virtural tour and as an itinerary for an actual visit, to provide a personal tour. Audio clips can be listened to immediatly on the computer or downloaded to an iPod or MP3 player.

Click on the title of the stretch to download the trail.

Tour 1: Arena Garden-Scrovegni Chapel and Borgo Altinate

Map of the tour
Trail 1: Arena Gardens and the story of Reginaldo degli Scrovegni
Trail 2: Eremitani Church
Trail 3: Contrada Altinate
Trail 4: Via Altinate from S.Gaetano Church to S.Sofia Church
Trail 5: Riviera dei Ponti Romani.

Tour 2: Palazzo della Ragione and surrounding squares.
Map of the tour
Trail 1: The building of the imposing Salone in Padua.
Trail 2: From Piazza deiFrutti to Piazza dei Signori.
Trail 3: From Church S. Clemente to Loggia dei Bandi.
Trail 4: Exploring the Sottosalone up to the Volto della Corda
Trail 5: Piazza delle Erbe
Trail 6: The southern Loggia and Pietro d'Abano
Trail 7: Inside the Salone: from the wooden horse to the stone of shame
Trail 8: The extraordinary frescoes inside the Salone

Tour 3: The former Ghetto and the Cathedral.
Map of the tour.
Trail 1: The area Ghetto-Cathedral.
Trail 2: The Sinagogues
Trail 3: Corte Lenguazza
Trail 4: Palaces
Trail 5: Piazza del Duomo
Trail 6: Baptistery of the Cathedral
Trail 7: Loggia dei Carraresi


Tour 4: Prato della Valle and the Basilica of St. Anthony
Map of the tour.
Trail 1: From Torricelle Bridge.
Trail 2: Along via Umberto I
Trail 3: Prato della Valle
Trail 4: Popes' Bridge
Trail 5: Basilica of St. Giustina and Via Luca Belludi
Trail 6: On the courtyard of the Basilica of St. Anthony
Trail 7: Basilica of St Anthony - interior.