Villa Badoer

Villa Badoer

Villa Badoer – Michieli Ruzzini, a name that in time changed into Villa Ruzzini, is a noble house located in the ancient settlement of Villanova di Camposampiero. It was built in the late 15th century.

This country manor was the core of the land the Ruzzini family owned in Villanova and it was mainly used as a summer residence. The Ruzzinis, a noble family from Venice, had several prestigious descendants who held important positions within the Republic’s administration. One notable member was Carlo Ruzzini, who was declared Doge of Venice in 1732.

The villa’s current appearance must be ascribed to several changes that were made during the 17th century: two side-wings were added, while on the south façade a tetrastyle portico – with Ionic columns topped by architrave and tympanum – gives the whole building a typical “villa veneta” look.


The walls of the main hall of the piano nobile (first floor) are decorated with frescoes organized in six great sections, each framed by decorative motifs. These frescoes probably depict episodes from the life of Marco Ruzzini, who was a sea captain: two of them show a naval battle, ripe with the clashes and the tension of the ongoing skirmish; the following couple depicts ships coming back to port, first through sea, then through the city of Venice itself. These are followed by a scene of everyday life showing a noblewoman steps on a gondola. The last section is a portrayal of galleys approaching Piazza S. Marco and of the captain being welcomed by the Doge; government members, together with a big crowd of nobleman and common people, marvel at the many trunks overflowing with riches that have been brought from the war.

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