Cafè Pedrocchi

Cafè Pedrocchi

Cafè Pedrocchi was built thanks to the well-known coffee-maker Antonio Pedrocchi and it became a famous meeting place for students, teachers, literaty figures, artists and merchants. The building has two floors: at the ground floor the cafeteria (coffee shop). Here we can find  different rooms called as the colour of the drapes: as the White room, on the walls of which are plaques recording the incidents that took place between university students and Austrian soldiers on the 8th February 1848 or the one with the introduction of The Charterhouse of Parma of Stendhal, where he wrote about the famous Pedrocchi zabaglione, that he tasted during his visit in Padua.

At the first floor or piano nobile various rooms: Rossini room or Ballroom, the Egyptian room, the Roman room and so on.

Nowadays the piano nobile houses the Risorgimento and Modern Age Museum that supplies information with documentation about facts and protagonists of the patavian and national  history, from the end of the Venetian Republic (1797) to the beginning of the Italian Republic (1848).


Cafè Pedrocchi
P.tta Pedrocchi
35100   Padova   (PD)  
Tel: 049 8204541 - 4553

Free admission with Padova Card

Piano Nobile and Museum of Risorgimento

TRAM, 3,11,12,13,16,18,22,A/M/T
Opening time in Winter: 
9.30-12.30 15.30-18.00
Opening time in Summer: 
9.30-12.30 15.30-18.00
Closing Time: 
The Cafè is closed on Monday during the Summer - Piano Nobile is closed every m
Tickets: € 4 full € 2 reduced. The ticket includes entrance to the main floor of the Stabilimento Pedrocchi
At the Piano Nobile you can visit the Museo del Risorgimento e dell'Età Contemp