Millecampi valley, with its 1,608 hectares is an extraordinary example of the environment and landscape lagoon with peripheral freshwater channels, brackish water, salt marshes and a hinterland country, cultivated with cereals and vegetables. To admire the expanse of water of Millecampi Valley we suggest a route for cycling, it starts at 1,200meters from the intersection of the SS Romea with the dei Pescatori street from iove di Sacco with the direction of Chioggia, after turning left onto Corte Fogolana street and after passing the first bridge on the Novissimo Channel. Cross the next bridge and continue on the left of the channel. You reach the Ponte della Rotta with close a slide for bats and continue on Cason delle Sacche street. Reached the dewatering continue to the left along the edge of the embankment. You reachthe Cason delle Sacche and continue the path along the Scirocchetto Channel. In Motta Scirocco return on the embankment of Novissimo and turn left returning to the car park.


Environmental characteristics make Millecampi Valley ideal habitat for numerous anatinaes and diving ducks, for herons, for common redshanks, for sternas, for little terns and for black-winged stilts; there are also numerous species that overwinter, among the most important we remember : the grebs, herons anatinaes, diving ducks amd waders. No shortage reports of rare species such as: the loons, the white heron, the black stok, the greater spotted eagle, the common buzzard, the swans, the cranes, the pied avocets and the oystercatchers.



Among the many products grown on these lands reclaimed from the sea predominate asparagus and radicchio. Asparagus of Conche is ditsitinguished by its particular territorial characteristics and for the properties of the alluvial, high salinity and rich of silt, which make it unique and unmistakable. To this product of excellence is dedicated the Asparagus Feast of Conche which is held every year in late April and early May.

In the farmhouses of Codevigo and surroundings you will find for sale numerous seasonal produce grown on site: over asparagus and radicchio, tomatoes, peppers, melons, watermelons, beans, sweet potatoes, leeks.

Among the culinary specialities there are risotto and lasagna with asparagus and other seasonal vegetables, bean soup, pappardelle.


The nearest locations, besides Codevigo, which is the municipality in whose territory lies the Millecampi Valley, are Correzzola, famous for its many former Benedectine Courts perfectly preserved, Candiana, Pontelongo, Arzergrande and Piove di Sacco.


° From Padua (Padua-Chioggia traunk road 516) pass through the municipalities of Legnaro, Piove di Sacco, Codevigo until km. 99, from here turn left on the road to Conche Fogolona town;

° from Venice (Romea trunk road 309) pass through the municipalities of Mira, Camponogara, Campagna Lupia, Codevigo until km. 99, from here turn left on the road to Conche Fogolona town;

° From Monselice (Monselice-sea provicnial road ) pass through the municipalities of Tribano, Conselve, Correzzola, Codevigo until km. 99, from here turn left on the road to Conche Fogolona town;

° from Ravenna (Romea trunk road 309) pass through the municipalities of Comacchio, Codigoro,Taglio di Po, Chioggia, Codevigo.

“The importance of  Millecampi Valley as a cultural/natural landscape is recognised internationally, having included in the serial UNESCO Cultural site 'Venice and its lagoon' designated in 1987"; 

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