Vecchia Pieve – oggi “Auditorium San Michele”

Vecchia Pieve – oggi “Auditorium San Michele”

The old church stands on the highest point of the square. Its facade summarizes the two thousand year history of the site, from Roman times to the nineteenth century. The remains of a stone tomb incorporated into the base of the bell tower speak about the long and strong Roman presence; moreover they prove the existence of a cemetery confirmed by the discovery of another fragment of funerary inscription  from the first century. B.C. and the first century. AD.

It 'easy to distinguish the report from the raising of the ancient medieval church built in the early nineteenth century. The bell tower is also in its final settlement which took place after the total reconstruction of 1665.

The archaeological excavations made during the restoration revealed that a sacred building with a semicircular apse was built already in early medieval with recovery material from ancient times. The dedication to St. Michael suggests the Lombard era.

In the Middle Ages, perhaps in the century. XII, the original building was replaced with a larger building, whose facade was almost completely preserved. In modern times this church underwent several transformations: the raising of the floor to address the frequent flooding of Bacchiglione; the construction of a new presbytery (in the late eighteenth century and designed by Carlo Breda), stretching and raising the nave, the rehabilitation of the tower Bell and the addition of two wings on either side of the presbytery. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the church was transformed into a small treasure trove of art, accepting valuable vestments and several paintings of the Venetian school, mostly obtained in storage by the state (and now located in the new archpriest). The church was a place of worship until 1959, year of the inauguration of the new archpriest church. In the following years it was firstly turned into a laboratory of handicraft, then, in the eighties, it have been recovered thanks to a unexceptionable restoration. Nowadays it is a prestigious venue for art and culture and it houses concerts, theatrical performances and the town Council sittings. Recently the local administration has provided the location with free wi fi connection.

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