Villa Emo Capodilista

Villa Emo Capodilista

On the small hill of Mottolo euganea to Montecchia it stands, at the center of an Italian garden, one of the most unique Venetian villas, Villa Capodilista. Designed by Dario Varotari Veronese (1539-1596) and probably built in 1578, it is a square building, with a cross distribution in the  individual rooms where the four sides are perfectly identical.

Detaching from the usual Venetian stereotype, it reveals the brilliance, sensitivity and creativity of the designer who studies each arch of the lodges and the individual windows able to frame panoramic views with beautiful scenes consisting of isolated or group of trees from the background of the Hills and of the Alps.

The lodges, the ground level and the upper ones, until the last century turned completely around the building, offering the possibility of a covered walk highly evocative.

Furthermore the inspiring concept was related to the ancient cloister but with a disposition diametrically opposed, which was open to the outside.

The Varotari, who had worked as a painter in the nearby Abbey of Praglia, was also in charge of the decoration of the villa with the collaboration of Antonio Vassillacchi said Aliense (1556 to 1629). The allocation of grotesque of midday lodge hasn’t been yet defined: the high stylistic quality would assume the intervention of a specialist in contact with the Roman school or near Giovanni from Udine. Of the four rooms on the ground floor, the most interesting are, (made by the Varotari), the "room of the vineyard" whose ceiling is painted with cupids climbing on a pergola full of grapes and leaves and the "Room of the villas" (name which is referred to the views that reproduce the villas owned by Capodilista) with an allegorical scene that shows the time and Virtue that dispels the vice. The villa has been restored in the sixties by Mario Botter also the author of the valuable monograph.

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