Padova 24 o 48 ore

Padua in 24 hours


For those arriving by train


This route is designed for those who have available only one day to spend in Padua: in these few hours you will have the chance to make a first knowledge of the city and you will surely be tempted to go back!

From the train station go on foot to the center, walking the wide Corso del Popolo. The first stop is the Civic Museum at Eremitani: from here you have access to the wonderful Scrovegni Chapel , painted by Giotto (we advise you to read carefully, before arriving in the city, how to book the visit).

Padova, boat tour

Once upon a time, there was a city filled with Ventian gondals, rowing boats, barges and longboats, which cut gently through the internal canals, transporting people and goods along the waterways lined with splendid residences and a succession of bridges….find out about the navigable routes in Pa


Itinéraires en bateau

Cette ville, entièrement parcourue par une agréable flotte, n'était pas Venise mais Padoue qui maintenant redécouvre dans son réseau de canaux navigables les beautés artistiques,historiques et naturalistes du territoire.