The set of buildings that covers the high ground of Mottolo euganea has been for centuries the gastaldia of the noble family Capodilista, that was  the administrative centre of agricultural products. It is possible to accessed through a large doorway topped by a robust dovecote that stands on a long building grew parallel to the road over several centuries. The oldest part is represented by its dovecote that already existed in the seventeenth century.

In this long building, until a few years ago, lived the steward and the farmers involved in the big Capodilista’s farm. A part of the building still conserve its original destination as basement, barn and tool shed. At the southern end we note the singular architecture of the body with scale, worked in stone and supported by three arches polycentric, dating from the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century. After the front door, there is a purely medieval scenario.

On Mottolo stands a castle whose dominant feature is a robust square tower. In reality the present one is the result of a series of heavy construction projects, made between 1924 and 1928, which have radically transformed the original structure. The oldest part is the tower that stands at the center of Mottolo. It comes from the thirteenth-fourteenth century, while the north-eastern wing was added in the seventeenth century. In the twenties, the tower was modified with the reshaping of the windows and the elimination of the battlements.

The 'northern wing was partially reconstructed and adapted to the rest of the building. The southern wing instead was built from scratch with a corner tower in the south-east summit which was connected with a wall to the north-east. Therefore the result was an enclosed courtyard instead of the previous open space.


@ Photo credits: Archivio fotografico Comune di Selvazzano Dentro

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