Parish Church of St. Mary Help of Christians

Parish Church of St. Mary Help of Christians

Crossed the municipal cemetery of Caselle, at the south of the province, inside the ancient Brenta, stands  the Church of Caselle, situated at the edge of the populous village which is in continued and rapid expansion.

On 10 May 1925 the inhabitants of the town, too far from the parish church of St. Michael, inaugurated  the church dedicated to Mary Help of Christians. Three years later, built the rectory and provided with a livelihood a priest, was erected the curazia (?) dependent on Selvazzano.

Dismembering the St. Michael's territory  of Parish, after gaining the independence, the 15th October 1931 was born the new ecclesiastical district, formally recognized on March 24, 1940.

The church, for its part, after being expanded before the war, was consecrated on November 22, 1958. Surrounded by sports facilities and the kindergarten "Mamma Margherita", the church casts its shadow on a small square bordered by a flower bed wall unit and characterized by a niche containing the image of the Holy Virgin laying her Child.


@Photo credits: Archivio Comune di Selvazzano Dentro

Lieux de la Foi
Via Pelosa (between 61 and 63)
35030   Selvazzano Dentro   (PD)  

Horaires d'ouverture en hiver: 
celebrations Mon-Fri 19; Sat. 18; Holidays 8, 9.30, 11, 18
Horaires d'ouverture en été : 
celebrations Mon-Fri 19; Sat. 18; Holidays 8, 9, 11, 18