This is a museum of the Province of Padua.

The complex of Cava Bomba is a significant industrial archeology example, in the production of lime in the Eugaean Hills, and a precious document of a recent past production.

The tour is divided into three exhibition sections: the Euganean Hills Geology, the Minarology, the Da Rio Collection.

The discovery, in the mid-seventies, in the limestone quarry, adjacent to the furnace , of a fossil fishes deposit of the Late Cretaceous, gave birth to the idea of the building restoration, to create a museum. These findings are, indeed, the core of the Geology section, introduced by a saction dedicated to the Earth Sciences supported by a didactic system, which shows all the peculiar geological phenomena on the Euganean Hills.

The Mineralogical section hosts instead a minerals collection from all over the world. The last section is reserved to the geological “Da Rio” collection, of great interest. It is, ideed, a typical scientific museology example from the first half of the nineteenth century. The collection includes minerals, rocks and fossils colected from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century by Count Niccolò Da Rio, a distinguished naturalistic and writer of Padua. In outer space, there is a geological park with rock macro samples and prehistoric animals in natural size models.

For schools and families

During the year, numerous workshops and courses are offered for schools and initiative for families such as: On the trail of the last quarrymen, Geology and petrography, How fossils form, A day like paleontologist, The minerals colors, Sauro the dinosaur.

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