Car Sharing

Your car at your fingertips

A Car Sharing service is available in Padova, offering the possibility to use a car when you need it, picking it up from one of the specific car parks without having to pay any management and maintenance costs.
To use this service, you need to take out an annual pass that allows you to receive a personal smartcard, username and password to book your cars and pick them up from one of the specific car parks along the road. The service includes a fixed cost (pass and membership kit fee) and a variable one (kilometre and hourly rate).

To book your car you can use the free online booking service, or call (rates apply) the call center on 848.810.000 even 15 minutes before actually starting to use the car. Once you have finished using it, the car must be returned to the same car park where it was picked up.

Information on stalls, booking procedures, traffic and parking facilities and conditions available at and at

Last update: 24/07/2020

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