University students

Are you a university student in Padua? Here some ideas for you!

What to do and to see

Discover the city and the surroundings in every season of the year

Discounts for students in Padova

Are you a student? Here is a list of discounts for museums, events and services
University Life

Unexpected Museums

Cinema, car, medicine and Jewish tradition
Art and culture

The tour of the walls

Complete tour, in 10 stages, of the Renaissance and medieval walls of Padua

Centro culturale Altinate – San Gaetano

Museums and art galleries

Spritz in Padova

An aperitif that has become a world-famous cocktail
Food and wine

Padua, City of Science

A primacy that has a long history

Art Centre for Students of the University of Padova

The Art Center of Padova

Oasi Naturalistica Cornara



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