Car parks

The urban area of Padova has a regulated parking area of about 10,000 parking spaces, half of which are inside attended facilities.

There are essentially three types of parking spaces:

  1. parking areas located along the streets and identified by blue stripes, subject to a fee, generally from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every weekday (rates and times indicated on parking meters);
  2. garages with access by automatic barriers, or eventually by guards.
  3. Open car parks, with no opening or closing times.

On street parking spaces

On street parking spaces are located along the streets and marked by blue lines.
The parking is metered, generally from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every weekday (rates and times on parking meters).

The list of on street parking areas managed by Aps Parks is available at

Hot to pay:

  • credit cards, debit cards (bancomats), contactless cards, apps for smartphones
  • by sending a text message to the number 4850302, writing the parking space number (painted on the ground in white): your phone credit will be charged for one hour parking, renewable is needed.
  • MyCicero, Telepass and Easy Park apps, available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • GrattaPark prepaid coupons (different values)
  • Autopark Electronic Card to consumption

For further information and terms of use, please go to the website.

Guarded car parks – Aps Parcheggi

Aps Parcheggi manages 16 parking facilities with access controlled by automatic barriers or with possible on-site staff:

  • Central car park (Via A. da Bassano) – 241 spaces
  • Camper parking area at the north end of the line (Via Pontevigodarzere) – 46 spaces
  • dei Colli car park (Via SS. Fabiano e Sebastiano) – 267 spaces
  • Fiera Nord car park (Via Goldoni) – 800 spaces
  • Fiera Sud car park (Via Piccinato) – 37 spaces
  • Guizza car park (Via Guizza) – 492 spaces
  • Pace car park (Viale della Pace) – 247 spaces
  • Insurrezione square car park (Piazza Insurrezione) – 124 spaces
  • Pontevigodarzere car park (Via A. Verrocchio) – 509 spaces
  • Porte Contarine car park (Via Matteotti) – 134 spaces
  • Sarpi car park (Via Sarpi) – 230 spaces
  • Tommaseo car park (Via Tommaseo) – 128 spaces
  • Tribunale Sud car park (Viale della Pace) – 129 spaces
  • Via Bembo car park (Via Bembo) – 261 spaces
  • Via Piovese car park (Via Piovese) – 242 spaces
  • Lobo S. Giustina – 200 spaces

Map and rates available here.

Piazza Rabin guarded parking area – Best in Parking

In the former Foro Boario area, car park with CCTV and 480 spaces. Entry from Via 58° Fanteria.
The car park is located 2 minutes on foot from Prato della Valle, Basilica di Santa Giustina and 5 minutes from the Basilica di Sant’Antonio.

For more information and rates, please go to the website tel. +39 049 5018028, email


Other car parks

Padova Centro: near the Scrovegni Chapel and the historical centre, a car park with CCTV and 556 spaces. For more information and rates click here. Tel. +39 049 660091.

S. Marco, Metropark, Padova Stazione: near the station, the S. Marco and Metropark car parks with 300 spaces respectively; Padova Stazione with 204 parking spaces.

La Cittadella, Mantegna: near the Fair, parking lots with 1200 and 310 spaces respectively.


Open air car parks

With no opening or closing times:

  • Car park in via Piovese (exchanger, exit 12 of the ring road) – FREE of charge
  • Car park in via Bembo (exchanger, exit 11 of the ring road) – FREE of charge
  • Car park at the South end of the tram line-Guizza (Park & Ride, exit 10 of the ring road) – PAYING car park
  • Car park at the North end of the tram line-Pontevigodarzere (Park & Ride, take the exit 20 to Pontevigodarzere and S.R. 307 of the Santo) – PAYING car park
  • Parking dei Colli (Via Ss. Fabiano e Sebastiano, exit 5 of the ring road) – PAYING car park
  • Parking Prandina, via N. Orsini (experimental car park subject to opening and closing times) – FREE of charge

Further information and maps are available on the website of the Municipality of Padua.

Last update : 28/07/2020

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