Market ” Sotto il Salone”

Historical buildings and streets
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Located in the delightful covered location below Padua’s Palazzo della Ragione, it represents the city’s oldest commercial center in its beating heart. Since the Middle Ages this market has gathered the wealth of the surrounding countryside, making the city’s mercantile vocation flourish. A tradition handed down from generation to generation, in a melting pot of authentic flavors, extraordinarily concentrated in a place surprisingly unchanged over the centuries. A richness that resurrects every day in the morning life that repeats ancient languages and gestures, and in the scents of food and wine excellence that can be found there. A wide variety of stores where you can find typical local and regional products: cheeses, cold cuts, hams, meats, fish, wine, fruits and vegetables provide an intoxicating olfactory experience for the people who continue to populate this place that is a temple of immortal flavors and traditions. 

  There are also delightful cafes for an aperitif, snack or coffee.

PIazza delle Erbe, 35, Padova (PD)

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