The squares, between shops and spritz

The beating heart of the city

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In addition to the nameless “Santo” (Saint Anthony), the people of Padova consider “the squares” to be the beating heart of the city: Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta and Piazza dei Signori, a particularly evocative and spectacular ultra-photographed trio of squares whose fulcrum is Palazzo della Ragione, dated 1218. The stalls that occupy the three squares add scents, smells and folklore to the environment.

On the stallage you can have breakfast, outdoor lunches but above all the traditional spritz aperitif, with appetizers on the side. And, why not, even an after-dinner drink with friends.

All of this against a backdrop of historical shops and all kinds of small shops under the arcades: don’t miss a stroll amid shop windows and in the two corridors of the Sotto Salone, the oldest covered market in Europe.

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