Esapolis - Museum of living insects

Esapolis - Museum of living insects

This is a museum of the Province of Padua.

Esapolis will project you into the world of insects to let  you discover how  the greatest biomass on the planet live.


Thematic sections are devoted to bees, silkworms, the "living fossils" and spiders.
You will have the opportunity to see first hand some of the largest scorpions of the world,  spiders and other strange less known relative.
And finally, you will enjoy the final projection of a 4D: Four-dimensional cinema, theater and holographic chroma-key, wait for you to let you know in a new way these curious and fascinating animals.

By purchasing a ticket at one of the IAT (Tourist Office) of Padova Terme  you  will be entitled to reduced tickets.

PadovaCard owners and Arte Terme Card owner are entitled to reduced tickets.


Esapolis - Museum of living insects
via dei Colli 28
35143   PADOVA   (PD)  
Tel: +39 049 8910189

Reduced ticket with Padova Card
2( Bus dell'Arte),6,12,M/T
Opening time in Winter: 
17.09-24.12 e 07.01-31.03: Sat, Sun and Feastdays 10-18; 24.12-07.01: all days 10-18 ( 24 and 31/12 , early closing h.15)
Opening time in Summer: 
01.04-30.06 e 01.08-16.09 wed, thu and fri 10-12 e 14.30-18; sat, sun and feastdays 10-18; 01.07-31.07 sat, sun feastdays 10-18.
Closing Time: 
25.12 and 01.01