Sant’Antonio, il Santo del popolo

Nel mondo è conosciuto come Sant’Antonio di Padova o Sant’Antonio da Lisbona, per i padovani è semplicemente il Santo. Nato nel 1195 a Lisbona e morto a Padova nel 1231, Fernando Martins de Bulhões è uno dei santi più celebri e amati della cristianità e Dottore della Chiesa universale. La città di Padova conserva le […]

Tha Saints of Padova

Perhaps not everyone knows that Padova does not have one, but four patron saints: Saint Anthony, Saint Prosdocimo, Saint Daniel and Saint Justine. In addition to them, pilgrims come to the city to venerate the relics of many other saints. Saint Anthony is the most famous in the world. He was Portuguese and spent the […]

The Statues disclose their history

Dear Visitor, the City of Padova welcomes you to its most important square famous not only for its size but also for the cultural and historical significance that it sheds light on.The Prato, as it is commonly called by the people of Padova, is like a real open-air museum in which the historical residences that […]

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei’s mission from the rough wooden chair of the University of Padova from 1592 to 1610 was of the highest level. The Tuscan scientist obtained the prestigious lectureship to teach mathematics at the University of Padova, an important campus of the study in the Serenissima and a prestigious cultural centre which also attracted European […]

The Important Historical Figures Associated with Padua

Who are the famous Paduans? One immediately thinks of Giotto, but he was Tuscan; Petrarch, but he spent only the last years of his life at Arquà; Galileo Galilei, again Tuscan, though he did teach at the university from 1592 to 1610; St. Anthony, but he was born in Lisbon. And what about Antenor? Official […]

In Praise of Petrarch

When the poet of the famous Canzoniere first saw Arquà, one of the most atmospheric little hamlets in all of Italy, it was love at first sight. From 1370 to 1374 – the last four years of his life – the Tuscan poet would immerse himself in the quiet and calm of the place. Today, […]

Elena Lucrezia Cornaro

(Venice, 5th june 1646 – Padua, 26th jult 1684) She wanted to take a degree in theology, but – it was the seventeenth century, after all – she had to settle for Philosophy. Nevertheless, she set a record, becoming the first woman in the world to obtain a university degree, a possibility which up to that point had been denied to […]

Antenor: History or Legend?

An accent literary tradition that dates back as far as Homer tells us that, in their war against the Greeks, the Trojans were assisted by the Veneti. According to the ancient authors, these Veneti were a people originating in far-off Paphlagonia, a region of Anatolia on the Black Sea coast. They were led in the […]

The Fine Horses of the Veneti

In the ancient world, the Veneti, a people who lived in the more remote areas of the Upper Adriatic, were known as breeders of race horses. As early as the Archaic Age, the Greek poet Hesiod mentioned the horses of the Veneti and praised their beauty. A few generations later, around the middle of the […]