Events and trends

The squares, between shops and spritz

The beating heart of the city

Art, antiques and furniture protagonists at Padova Fair

Three events not to be missed in the pavilions of the Fair

From experiential tourism to the charm and colours of the East

Itinerando Show, Festival dell’Oriente and Quattro Zampe in Fiera

Campionaria, one hundred years and none the worse for wear

Padova hosts the oldest “indoor” fair in Italy

Spritz in Padova

An aperitif that has become a world-famous cocktail
Food and wine

Aperitifs at the theatre

And if you can’t go to the theatre, a season on the sofa!
Events and trends

Art Centre for Students of the University of Padova

The Art Center of Padova

Palazzo della Ragione

The keel-vault roof that make you feel you are underneath a huge upturned boat
Urbs Picta

Padova and its ‘Piazze’

The heartbeat of the City