Concerto in ricordo di Valentina Terrani

APR 27, 2024
Music and concerts
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Lucia Valentini Terrani Foundation – Onlus

There are some voices that captivate from the first listen due to their colour, sensitivity and measure. Among these, Lucia Valentini Terrani stands out, whose 26th anniversary of death this year marks (Seattle, 11 June 1998), one of the greatest Italian bel canto singers of the twentieth century, an unforgettable artist from Padua who had dedicated her entire life to music and at the theatre.

The ASCLEPIO “Medici per la Musica” Orchestra conducted by Alberto Martini and the soprano Selene Zanetti will celebrate Lucia’s human and artistic greatness at the Teatro Verdi in Padua on Saturday 27 April 2024 at 8.45pm.

Guest of honor was the soprano Katia Ricciarelli, Lucia’s great friend.

Leonardo Feltrin, radio and television host, will present the evening. At the opening of the evening the ASCLEPIO “Medici per la Musica” Orchestra conducted by Alberto Martini will perform the Symphony n. 6 in F major Op. 68, Pastorale by Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827), a work which, by will of its author himself, bears the famous name of Pastorale.

And the score is, in fact, a true hymn to nature.

The opera was composed around 1807-1808 and first performed in the famous 22nd December Academy at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna.

The protagonist of the second part of the program is Selene Zanetti, a pupil of the soprano Raina Kabaivanska who, on the centenary of the death of Giacomo Puccini, pays homage to the famous composer, considered the heir of Giuseppe Verdi, with two pieces by Puccini himself from Gianni Schicchi: “o my dear father” and from Tosca: “I lived on art”.

Again by Pietro Mascagni from Cavalleria rusticana: Symphonic Intermezzo and “Voi lo sai, o mamma”. The program ends with ⁠Charles Gounod from Romeo et Juliette: ”Je veux vivre”. The concert is organized by the Lucia Valentini Terrani Onlus Foundation and benefits from the patronage of the Municipality of Padua and the collaboration of the Orchestra of Padua and Veneto. The proceeds of the evening will be entirely donated to support scientific research projects in medicine. Tickets for the evening are on sale at the Teatro Verdi –

Ticket price:

Stall, Pepiano stage €30;

First and second order boxes €25;

Gallery €10.

For information, contact: Verdi theater ticket office tel. 049/87770213.


Via dei Livello, 32, Padova
(0039) 049 87770213

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