Torta Pazientina

This cake was created over a century ago, after the Unification of Italy, when a more urban-based cuisine emerged in Padua as in other cities. Over time it has also found a sizeable market aboard. Along with Capone alla Canevera [Reed-cooked Capon] and Risotto Ricco [Rich Risotto], this is one of the three recipes that […]

Birra Antoniana

In 2013 Sandro and Michele Vecchiato took an idea they had been considering for some time and made it into a reality, creating an agricultural brewery within their home city of Padua. The two brothers already had extensive experience in the marketing of top-quality beers: at the beginning of the 1980s they had taken charge […]

A Food Market ‘Sotto il Salone’

Botteghe del Sotto Salone

A cooperative of salami- and sausage-makers was already active here in the sixteenth century (the very first of its kind in Europe). The busy indoor market of those days was a strictly Paduan thing. Nowadays, the goods on offer are slightly more cosmopolitan, but the spirit of the place remains very special. ‘Sotto il Salone’ […]

Historic Shops

There is a long history behind commercial life in the city. Even nowadays, as you stroll around the city streets you can come across ancient stores, pastry shops and restaurants that can trace their history back decades, if not centuries. The historic shops of Padua city centre are both a commercial and artistic heritage. Important […]

Caffè Pedrocchi. The largest café in the world

Padua’s famous café is a neoclassical building designed in 1831 by Giuseppe Jappelli; measuring a total of 3,550 m2, it is the largest cafe in the world. Certainly the most prestigious customer review it has ever received was that written by Stendhal. The French author was a regular client here, and commented: “The café run […]