Anime Verdi

4 - 5 MAY 2024
Sport and movement
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Anime Verdi gives access to some of the most beautiful gardens in Padua for an entire weekend.

Among centuries-old trees, exotic plants, lush lawns, hedges, flowers and architecture that smell of history, visitors can enjoy a new and surprising city, characterized by care and enchantment that will take your breath away.

Crossing the streets, recognizing yourself from the pass or from an open map, taking advantage of the thousand suggestions of the program, it breaks down walls and borders, transforming Padua into one large garden for two days of celebration.

From the 23 gardens of the first edition, the Festival has gradually been enriched with new green spaces, ensuring many new features every year.

At least 40 doors will open to bracelet holders on the weekend, mostly open on both days.

Anime Verdi welcomes visitors with the hospitality of the owners, the dedication of the volunteers, the attention of the partners and the passion of experts, guides, artists and authors who will animate it, making it a unique and choral experience at the same time, in which breathe beauty and gratitude deeply.


piazza delle erbe, 52, Padova (PD)

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