Concerto Coro Alpini Cai

MAY 3, 2024
Music and concerts
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THE ALPINI CHOIR TURNS 80! A “round” birthday this year for one of the groups that made the history of choral singing in Padua.

Program: “Mountain metaphor for life” The consolidated repertoire is now very vast and ranges from the popular songs of many regions of Italy, especially Venetian, Friulian and Trentino, to those of the Great War, from some liturgical pieces to more modern harmonizations.

Pigarelli, Pedrotti, Voltolina, Cestaro, Padre Taddei, Malatesta: these are some of the best-known masters who have harmonized many of our songs.

The choir staff is still valid but we are always looking for new voices who want to try to join our ranks.


via Eremitani,18, Padova (PD)
(0039) 049 875 0648

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