Donne nella Cultura

8 MAR - 11 MAY 2024
Fairs and Congresses
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On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2024, the Civic Museums and the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Padua together with the Department of Cultural Heritage are organizing a series of meetings to understand and enhance the role of women in culture between dialogues, insights, visits and documentaries.

The program includes the following 6 meetings:

Friday 8 March, 5.30 pm

Women and architecture: Paola Bussadori Zuckermann Palace, Medagliere Hall of the Bottacin Museum, Corso Garibaldi 33 Introduced by Francesca Veronese, Civic Museums of Padua Alessia Castellani presents: “The gaze and memory. Paola Bussadori’s work for Treves Park.” Followed by a visit to the exhibition: “The gaze and memory. Paola Bussadori’s work for the Treves Park.”

Friday 20 March, 5.30 pm Women and art: Artedonna Palazzo Liviano, Aula Sartori, Piazza Capitaniato Federica Stevanin, University of Padua, with Laura Bettini, Casa delle Donne present the collective “Artedonna”

Wednesday 17 April 2024, 5.30 pm Women and music: female instruments Palazzo Liviano, Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art, Piazza Capitaniato Mario La Rosa and Laura Noviello, University of Padua, “Women musicians from Athens and Pompeii”. Dialogue with musical interventions on reconstructed ancient instruments. This will be followed by a guided tour of the female musical objects preserved in the Museum.

•Saturday 4 May, 10.00 am Women and photography: female gazes Palazzo Bo, Aula Nievo Romina Zanon, University of Padua, “Female views: documentarians and photojournalists of the Italian post-war period”. This will be followed by a screening of the documentary: “Discovering Marcella Pedone. Color photographer of a timeless Italy”.

Thursday 9 May, 5.30 pm Women and art: Olimpia Biasi Eremitani Museum, Sala del Romanino, Piazza Eremitani Francesca Veronese, Civic Museums of Padua, talks with the artist Olimpia Biasi. Followed by a visit to the exhibition: “Olimpia Biasi. For a flowerbed of stars”.

Saturday 11 May, 11.00 am Women and weaving: Lanam fecet Asiago, Prison Museum, Piazza Benedetto Cairoli 13 Maria Stella Busana, Margarita Gleba, University of Padua, Visit to the Lanam decisit exhibition: the wool economy on the edge of history. To reach Asiago, a bus will be made available to users departing from Padua at 8.30 am. Those registered will receive information in the weeks preceding the visit.

To participate in the events, booking is required via the Eventbrite website by following the link


Piazza Eremitani, 8, Padova
(0039)049 8204551

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