Giornata Nazionale delle Dimore Storiche Italiane

MAY 26, 2024
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Important annual appointment with the Italian Historic Houses Association: the owners of historic properties from all over Italy reopen their doors.

Many exclusive places: castles, fortresses, villas, parks and gardens can be visited for free.

A ‘Diffuse Museum’ that has brought together for almost fifty years the owners of private assets of historical and artistic interest throughout the national territory.

The fabulous homes involved will be forty of the over six thousand present in the Veneto region.

The effort made by private individuals to defend, preserve and enhance this priceless heritage is fundamental.

Chains of workers, restorers and specialized horticulturalists are involved in the project. Attraction both for citizens, who will be able to access places that are usually closed, and for tourists from all over Italy.

Possibility of growth and exchange even for small villages and less populated historic municipalities.

In particular, attention will be paid to high school students in Padua, they will be the guides and disseminators of knowledge with an accurate study of local treasures.

An immersion in history that still makes our country identifiable in the world today and which could constitute the cornerstone of long-term sustainable development.


Via Cavour, 256, Roma (RM)
+39 06 68307426

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