Giornate Fai di Primavera

23 - 24 MAR 2024
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The FAI Spring Days are back, the most important street event dedicated to the cultural and landscape heritage of Italy and the unpublished and unexpected stories it preserves with free visits to 750 special places in 400 cities, from large capitals to small municipalities, from the historic centers to the provinces, from the North to the South of the Peninsula. An exclusive opportunity to discover a lesser-known Italy, of usually inaccessible places, from large cities to villages, from real monuments to curious and unpublished places, which nevertheless equally tell the story of the millenary, very rich and multifaceted culture of our country.

A way to contribute to the protection and valorization of this heritage, which must first and foremost be known, frequented, and even before that, told.

This is the mission of the FAI: “take care of the heritage by telling it” starting from its 72 properties open to the public during the year, thanks to thousands of FAI volunteers and young students trained to tell the wonders of their territory.

A unique and original story of Italian cultural heritage, which lies in their history intertwined with nature, in monuments and landscapes, in material and immaterial heritage, and in the many stories that these can tell, which teach, inspire and sometimes even move.


via Vallaresso, 32, Padova
(0039) 392 3993419

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