DEC 30, 2023
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Let yourself be fascinated by the history of the Patavian trade, with storytelling about the local artisans and merchants, the traditional productions, and enjoy a unique experience full of flavors and food and wine tastings, savoring typical delicacies.

The tour will begin at the Palazzo della Ragione, UNESCO site, also known as “Il Salone” which hosts the Astrological Cycle of the Months.
Furthermore, you will enjoy the local atmosphere of the “Sotto il Salone”, the oldest covered market in Europe, and taste some food and wine proposals.
The visit also includes a short stop at a historic pastry shop, where you will taste the famous Pazientina cake (the recipe is preserved at the Chamber of Commerce of Padua).

Finally, you will admire the iconic Prato della Valle square, one of the largest squares in Europe.

For information and booking click here.


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