8 MAR - 7 APR 2024
Exhibitions and festivals
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Opening of the exhibition with free admission: Friday 8 March at 5.30pm

From 9 March to 7 April, the Impermanenza exhibition will take place at the Scuderie of Palazzo Moroni.

Two-person exhibition by Fernanda Duso and Chiara Pasqualotto, two artists belonging to two different generations, who in this exhibition compare themselves in a balanced contrast. Fernanda Duso presents twenty digital works created almost all in 2023, and twelve all-round sculptures of white semi-refractory clay created between 2010 and 2019.

In the digital canvases the artist makes use of textures obtained from ancient engravings and reworked by her on which she places transparent or sometimes opaque shapes also created with manual interventions.

The artist prefers “the four elements” as a theme which are sometimes the occasion for a symbolic story as in “Exile, Icarus, Shipwreck”.

At the center of Chiara Pasqualotto’s research is the tree, both for ecological-environmental reasons and for formal aspects: the modularity and repetition of segments, the intertwining of branches that creates textures, the trunks that mark the space of forest with vertical lines like a theater scene. Another central theme present in this exhibition is water, chosen for its mobility and transparency and adaptability to the forms that contain it, but also, once again, for its fundamental importance from an environmental point of view: primary good to be preserved in every part of the planet as a collective good and to be guaranteed to everyone.

Chiara Pasqualotto, also an illustrator and painter, has chosen engraving as the central language for her artistic research since 2018. This interest is determined first and foremost by the reproducibility of the print, the possibility of multiplying the image in the number of copies, the infinite repetition of the subject in a similar but never identical version of it thanks to the variations from hand printing. In the works present at the exhibition, this iteration process is sometimes also intensified by the superposition of different matrices or prints, counterprints and ghosts. The artist chooses engraving to create multiplicity precisely because of the materiality of the chalcographic language, the manual skill, the physicality of the materials and tools.


Free admission opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 09.30-12.30 and 16.00-19.00

Culture, Tourism, Museums and Libraries Sector Tel. 0498205623

FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY: 09.30-12.30 AND 16.00-19.00


Via VIII Febbraio, Padova

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