MAY 12, 2024
Music and concerts
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” The era of the white boar ”

is not only a multimedia concert structured around the sounds and original music of the 1980s/90s, but also a ‘musical ritual’ that will touch on the spiritual themes dearest to Franco Battiato & Giusto Pio. In a highly evocative atmosphere, with direct references to mysticism and esotericism”, Filippo Destrieri and Stefano Pio, musicians, material and musical heirs of the Pio – Battiato artistic heritage, will propose, with the support of a symphonic orchestra conducted by Mauro Roveri, the main pop music hits, alongside excerpts from the works Genesis, Trittico, Gilgamesh .

Experimental pieces by these two great artists whose twenty-year association revolutionised Italian pop music will also be performed.

The concert will feature two exceptional singers, Enrico Masiero and Elvira Cadorin, whom Giusto Pio had heard and enthusiastically appreciated. Alberto Grossi at the piano, Giusto Pio’s historical collaborator, could not be missing. An artistic event under the banner of quality and spirituality, which will see the presence of the Konya dervishes and other artists close to Franco’s world, that fans cannot miss.

Sponsor and official radio of the concert: Radio BiriKina Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Info: https://www.piccolo-padova.it/lera-del-cinghiale-bianco/

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Via Asolo 2, PADOVA
(0039) 049 8827288

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