NERINO NEGRI (1924–2012): percorsi d’arte, forme al sole

MAY 10, 2024
Exhibitions and festivals
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Inauguration Thursday 9 May at 11am

As a testimony to his activity from the 1950s to the early 2000s and in commemoration of the centenary of the Paduan sculptor’s birth, the Department of Culture is dedicating an exhibition to the artist consisting of about forty works: small and medium-sized bronze sculptures; sculptures, moulded terracotta forms and plates; small-sized plaster moulds; drawings and engraved sheets.

In the 16th-century Oratory of San Rocco, visitors will be able to admire the multiple paths of art sustained by constant observation of nature and investigation into the history of mankind, especially with regard to the different creative expressions of man dictated both by spiritual needs and by actual necessities that directed Nerino Negri towards mythological and religious themes and at the same time towards the observation of architecture. Metaphorically speaking, the forms drawn and sculpted by Nerino Negri, both the figurative ones and those subjected to processes of refined and cultured abstraction, interspersed unceasingly over the years, are forms in the sun, that is to say, completely authentic.

The exhibition project, curated by the scholar Monica Castellarin, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of his daughter Barbara Negri who, in addition to lending the works, with the telling of many family anecdotes and personal reflections, made it possible to delve into her father’s character and artistic vocation.

The artistic career of Nerino was marked by a variety of experiences; as a boy he frequented his father’s workshop – a marble worker – and later studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice under Arturo Martini, from 1941 to 1946. Nerino Negri’s participation in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad was assiduous.


Free admission

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 09:30-19:00

Tel. 049 8204501


Via Santa Lucia, 59, Padova
+39 049 8753981

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