Olimpia Biasi. Per un’aiuola di stelle

7 APR - 7 JUL 2024
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Olimpia Biasi is an artist from Treviso with a long and articulated artistic career and experimentation, whose works can now be found in public and private collections, even outside Italy.

To go through her multifaceted, eclectic and varied artistic universe is to go to a flowerbed of stars, a title she wanted and chose, inspired by a verse by one of the authors dear to her, Louise Glück, Nobel Prize for Literature in 2020.

On show are about a hundred works, all orchestrated as a composition of drawings, paintings, fabric tapestries on industrial mesh, polymateric collages on gauze, books, herbals, etc., for a creative journey that starts in 2011 and arrives up to the present day. Nature is the fil rouge of his narrative journey. Exploring Olimpia Biasi’s ‘flowerbed of stars’ is like entering a magical, secret garden, where plant elements intertwine with feathers, ribbons, shells, small animals, insects, and everyone can move freely in search of their own dimension. The beginning and end of each of his works is wonder, the grasping and knowing how to grasp reality with creative amazement.

Exhibition curated by Myriam Zerbi.


Eremitani Museum

piazza Eremitani 8

25 April – 7 July 2024

every day 09:00-19:00

price: included in the entrance ticket to the Museo Eremitani


Tel. 049 8204551


Piazza Eremitani, 8, Padova
(0039)049 8204551

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