Portello Segreto – The knowledge places.

25 MAY 2023-JUL 5, 2024
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Portello Segreto 2024

The places of knowledge The Fantalica Cultural Association, the Municipality of Padua and the Culture-Tourism-Museums and Libraries Sector are also proposing for 2024 the rich cultural program featuring the Portello district and its secrets.

From 7 May to 5 July 2023 the extensive program will offer shows, guided tours, conferences, exhibitions and performances and will be structured into events of different nature dedicated to the theme of the year: PLACES OF KNOWLEDGE.

The chosen theme will offer the opportunity for a series of reflections and insights that will intertwine with the history of the city of Padua. Particular attention will be paid to the places, characters and events that have determined the growth of scientific, philosophical and historical knowledge, transforming Padua and the village of Portello itself into a center of knowledge still recognized internationally today.

Events in collaboration with: Municipality of Padua, Confservizi Veneto, CAM, the Volunteer Service Center, the Liceo Artistico Pietro Selvatico, the Mura di Padova Committee, the Villeggiare Association, the Progetto Portello Association, Amissi del Piovego and many other significant entities of the cultural panorama of Padua.


Via del Portello, Padova

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