25 - 28 APR 2024
For kids
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From 25 to 28 April the new edition of the festival dedicated to Nature and its many connections.

Shows, meetings, exhibitions, guided tours, and workshops for all ages, in a rich programme of scientific popularisation and artistic entertainment. Awakenings puts one of Nature’s most astonishing phenomena, the flower, at the centre of the new edition, in a journey rooted in the festival conceived by the prefect Roberto de Visiani to celebrate the third century since the foundation of the Botanical Garden.

An evolutionary mystery since Darwin’s studies, a special ingredient in the kitchen, an inspiration for literature, flowers lead us on a multi-sensory journey through shapes, colours and scents, in which there is no lack of reflection on the most pressing themes of the present day: from the fragility of the relationship between Man and Nature, to climate change, and care for our Planet.

As always, Awakenings invites to knowledge and awareness.

Info and reservations: https://www.ortobotanicopd.it/it/risvegli-2024


Via Orto Botanico, 15, Padova
+39 049 8273939

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