Sherwood Festival

7 JUN - 13 JUL 2024
Music and concerts
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One of the richest independent events, more than 150,000 users in the last edition alone, every summer transforms a car park into a living, pulsating, free space, a city within the city.

Music, culture, sport, sociality and debates mix to build, together with volunteer collaborators, something special.

This year some important names such as Subsonica, Lo Stato Sociale, Gazzelle, Gemitaiz, Salmo, Modena city Ramblers will be the protagonists.

Sherwood Forest is a living and real public space where we try to shorten the distances between points of view, trying to indicate, among the many contradictions that our society experiences, another way of living, of being together, of seeing the world.

Participate in the Sherwood Changes For Climate Justice (SCFCJ) campaign which aims to reduce the environmental impact of the festival, “climate positive” by 2030, capturing more carbon dioxide (CO2) than we emit.

The climate impact has been measured since 2018: every year it produces around 30 tonnes of CO2, taking into account the purchase and consumption of materials, the use of diesel for generators, electricity and the cars in circulation.

 Thanks to the actions undertaken, CO2 emissions were reduced by 50% and the first 100 trees were planted in Padua, with the Padova02 project and another 100 along the Brenta river and in Vietnam with WOWnature.Plastic free a choice.


Viale Nereo Rocco, Padova
+39 3351237814

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