Tour around the City Walls

14 JAN - 15 DEC 2024
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Interesting walks along the city walls.

The Roman walls: they were built during the flourishing of the municipium of Patavium which reached the heights of its splendor in the early imperial age.

These walls replaced the previous ones from the Paleo-Venetian age, according to the findings of palisades and terraces.

The walls of the municipal age: they were built following the Peace of Constance starting from 1195, following and rectifying the pre-existing fortifications.

The 13th century “del Soccorso” walls: numerous stretches from this phase of the municipal age survive, the impressive ones around the Castle and near Porta Molino. Others, visible in Riviera Tito Livio and Riviera Albertino Mussato.

Carraresi walls: they were built in the 14th century, incorporating the defensive system already erected in the municipal age. Sixteenth-century walls: also called Renaissance walls or Venetian walls, they were built by the Venetian Republic.

 Initially as a reinforcement of the pre-existing medieval walls to adapt the defense to the new artillery techniques, in preparation for the military war with the armies of the League of Cambrai, in the final clash then brought by the armies of Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg.

Participation is free and is reserved for members of the Mura Committee, it will however be possible to register at the moment.



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