Merry Christmas in Padua

Let yourself be warmed by the most magical lights of the year
Must see

Historical gardens and parks

‘Green’ Padova: six suggestions for areas where you can do sport, relax and play
Sport and nature

Unexpected Museums

Cinema, car, medicine and Jewish tradition
Art and culture

Ten things not to be missed in Padova

Are you in Padova for a few days and you don’t know where to start from? Here are ten proposals for you
Urbs Picta

The tour of the walls

Complete tour, in 10 stages, of the Renaissance and medieval walls of Padua
Sport and nature

The Spa and the Euganean Hills

Unwinding, nature and good wine in the surroundings of Padova

Torta Pazientina

Food and wine

Cycling in Padua and the surrounding areas

A city that once had six bicycle factories

The Green Heart of Padua

The parks where one can relax in the midst if Nature