Oasi Risorgive Fontane Bianche

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The area between the towns of Santa Giustina in Colle and Camposampiero is a sort of nature park, where one can visit the small eighteenth-century church of San Prosdocimo and also explore the marshy area that is full of such springs.
These springs are fed by water that runs underground from the mountain uplands and is filtered as it passes deep below the surface. The presence of these springs has created a very special environment which has a rich flora and fauna, with numerous species of plants and animals native to the area. What is more, the spring water – which is usually drinkable – is rich in minerals.
Thanks to the passionate work and dedication of the Associazione della Chiesetta di San Prosdocimo, the uncontaminated springs of Fontane Bianche are becoming more and more popular with nature-lovers.

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