The squares, between shops and spritz

In addition to the nameless “Santo” (Saint Anthony), the people of Padova consider “the squares” to be the beating heart of the city: Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta and Piazza dei Signori, a particularly evocative and spectacular ultra-photographed trio of squares whose fulcrum is Palazzo della Ragione, dated 1218. The stalls that occupy the […]

Campionaria, one hundred years and none the worse for wear

Celebrating its 100th birthday in 2019: Campionaria Padova is the oldest “indoor” fair in Italy whose history is closely linked to the events of the city. First held in 1919 between Prato della Valle, Palazzo della Ragione and Scuola Selvatico, in 1921 it moved to via Tommaseo, in the first permanent Italian exhibition area. For […]

Auto e Moto d’Epoca

Auto e Moto d’Epoca Padova is the largest market of vintage cars and spare parts in Europe, a place where culture, passion, technology and design merge: for years it has been the most important international event for motor enthusiasts and people with vast automotive culture. At Auto e Moto d’Epoca, collectors and enthusiasts can choose […]

Shopping in the city centre and in the outlying areas

Many luxury shops list in their windows the cities in which they sell their designer products. And if we are talking about those which list different cities in Italy, Padua is always there after Milano, Roma, Firenze and Venezia. However, it often features alongside such international metropoli as Paris, New York and London. All of […]

Padova and its ‘Piazze’

Padua not only has a patron saint who is referred to solely as ‘Il Santo’ – there is no need to add the ‘Antonio’ – it also has a central group of city squares that are simply known as ‘Le Piazze’. The beating heart of the city, these comprise Piazza della Frutta, Piazza delle Erbe […]

The Market in Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle e Loggia Amulea

It was 1775 when the Venetian procuratore Andrea Memmi drew up a very forward-looking plan to reclaim the land in the area of Prato della Valle and open it to sports and commercial activities. The result is often described as the second-largest public square in Europe. What is beyond doubt is that Prato della Valle […]

A City Stroll: the Ghetto

The Padua Ghetto is bound to the north by Piazza della Erbe and Via Manin, to the west by Piazza del Duomo and Via San Gregorio Barbarigo, to the south by Via Marsala and to the east by Via Roma. This visit begins at the corner of Via Roma and Via San Martino e Solferino. […]

A Food Market ‘Sotto il Salone’

Botteghe del Sotto Salone

A cooperative of salami- and sausage-makers was already active here in the sixteenth century (the very first of its kind in Europe). The busy indoor market of those days was a strictly Paduan thing. Nowadays, the goods on offer are slightly more cosmopolitan, but the spirit of the place remains very special. ‘Sotto il Salone’ […]

Padua Trade Fair

The Padua Trade Fair complex is located a short way from the city centre, and conveniently placed for access via rail and road links. Not only does it still host the oldest trade fair in Italy – known as La Campionaria – it is perhaps the one place in Padua whose on-going transformations most clearly […]