Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei’s mission from the rough wooden chair of the University of Padova from 1592 to 1610 was of the highest level. The Tuscan scientist obtained the prestigious lectureship to teach mathematics at the University of Padova, an important campus of the study in the Serenissima and a prestigious cultural centre which also attracted European […]

Palazzo della Ragione

At 81 metres long, the largest raised hall in the world. Known simply as Il Salòn, the Palazzo della Ragione formerly housed the city’s courts, and has one of the largest raised rooms in all of Europe. Work upon it began in 1218, and the building is now recognised as one of the most famous […]

Street Art in Padua

Fittingly for a city that, in the fourteenth century, played such a key role in the emergence of fresco painting, Padua is a place where Street Art has deep and extensive roots. Nowadays many walls, including those of such prestigious institutions as the Paediatric Onco-Hematology Clinic at the Hospital, are decorated with works by important […]

In Praise of Petrarch

When the poet of the famous Canzoniere first saw Arquà, one of the most atmospheric little hamlets in all of Italy, it was love at first sight. From 1370 to 1374 – the last four years of his life – the Tuscan poet would immerse himself in the quiet and calm of the place. Today, […]

Elena Lucrezia Cornaro

(Venice, 5th june 1646 – Padua, 26th jult 1684) She wanted to take a degree in theology, but – it was the seventeenth century, after all – she had to settle for Philosophy. Nevertheless, she set a record, becoming the first woman in the world to obtain a university degree, a possibility which up to that point had been denied to […]

Antenor: History or Legend?

An accent literary tradition that dates back as far as Homer tells us that, in their war against the Greeks, the Trojans were assisted by the Veneti. According to the ancient authors, these Veneti were a people originating in far-off Paphlagonia, a region of Anatolia on the Black Sea coast. They were led in the […]

Giotto and the Scrovegni Chapel

The Scrovegni Chapel is not only one of the greatest but also one of the most influential masterpieces in the history of Western Art. In his frescoes here, painted between 1303 and 1305, Giotto revolutionised the language of painting. The divine took on human form, thanks to the introduction of a new realism that made […]

Caffè Pedrocchi. The largest café in the world

Padua’s famous café is a neoclassical building designed in 1831 by Giuseppe Jappelli; measuring a total of 3,550 m2, it is the largest cafe in the world. Certainly the most prestigious customer review it has ever received was that written by Stendhal. The French author was a regular client here, and commented: “The café run […]

Grand Tour of Sciences

Eight prestigious places to retrace eight hundred years of history of the University of Padua. On the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of its foundation (1222-2022), the University of Padua is making a gift to the public, opening eight of its sites of scientific interest to the public every Saturday and Sunday, until March the […]

Itinerari Vasariani

Two itineraries, curated by the Cultural Association APS TERRITORI® Narrative Italian Landscape, lead us to the rediscovery, respectively, of the artistic heritage preserved inside the Basilica del Santo and the works of art of Donatello and his students in the city of Padua. Discovering the Basilica of the Saint “The lives of the most excellent […]

Mura Vive

It’s a museum. It’s a show. It’s a museum show. It’s Mura Vive, the Multimedia Narrative Museum of the city of Padua. A museum to live and to be part of, because the objects of our attention are the city walls. The doors, the bastions and the stones become an active setting, from which are […]

Sant’Antonio, il Santo del popolo

Nel mondo è conosciuto come Sant’Antonio di Padova o Sant’Antonio da Lisbona, per i padovani è semplicemente il Santo. Nato nel 1195 a Lisbona e morto a Padova nel 1231, Fernando Martins de Bulhões è uno dei santi più celebri e amati della cristianità e Dottore della Chiesa universale. La città di Padova conserva le […]

The South of Padua

Bassa Padovana_paesaggio

Large expanses of fields, interspersed here and there by bell towers and ancient villas, create the landscape south of Padua. Rivers and canals cross the quietness of an area where the sounds and scents of yesteryear welcome us as our grandmother did when we were little. The countryside of Lower Padua, bordered to the north […]

Merry Christmas in Padua

The lights of Padua’s Christmas 2021 are ready to shine! On Saturday the 20th of November the city lights up: this year there are more than sixty lighting installations that decorate buildings, squares and roundabouts in the district, in addition to the elegant lighting of the shops in the centre, supported by contributions from the […]

La vostra Padova a quattro zampe

Quattro passi a quattro zampe nella città universitaria per eccellenza del Nordest. Padova accoglie a braccia aperte i nostri amici animali, con parchi e piazze ideali per passeggiare e stare all’aria aperta. E tra una scorrazzata ai Giardini dell’Arena e una corsetta in Prato della Valle non ci resta che fermarci per una pausa golosa. […]