Itinerari Vasariani

Two itineraries, curated by the Cultural Association APS TERRITORI® Narrative Italian Landscape, lead us to the rediscovery, respectively, of the artistic heritage preserved inside the Basilica del Santo and the works of art of Donatello and his students in the city of Padua. Discovering the Basilica of the Saint “The lives of the most excellent […]

Discover Padova

Discover Padova

A walk that starts from the Caffè Pedrocchi, the Café without doors, one of the symbols of our city, emblem of its love for beauty and goodness and its cosmopolitan spirit. A tour that takes you to admire the Town Hall building, the result of a century-old evolution with the medieval tower next to the […]

Visit Padua Urbs Picta


UNIQUE TICKET FOR THE EIGHT URBS PICTA SITES  From September you can visit the eight sites of Urbs Picta, Giotto’s Padua, which in 2021 became part of the Unesco Heritage, with just one single ticket. The ticket can be purchased online at the dedicated website, or in paper copy at the various IAT points throughout […]

Ten things not to be missed in Padova

1. Giotto and the series of frescoes of fourteenth century Padova The famous Padua Urbs Picta, officially recognised by UNESCO in summer 2021, represents the most prestigious and important element of fourteenth century Padova. 8 different sites, divided into four components: Scrovegni and Eremitani (1), Palazzo della Ragione, Reggia, Baptistery and their squares (2), Cittadella […]

Padova Urbs Picta

Padova Urbs picta – “painted city” in English – has recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Not a single place, but a “serial site”, which develops in four areas of the historical centre of Padova. The precious frescoed cycles of the fourteenth century can be found in eight buildings: Scrovegni Chapel, Church […]

Palazzo della Ragione

At 81 metres long, the largest raised hall in the world. Known simply as Il Salòn, the Palazzo della Ragione formerly housed the city’s courts, and has one of the largest raised rooms in all of Europe. Work upon it began in 1218, and the building is now recognised as one of the most famous […]

Giotto and the Scrovegni Chapel

The Scrovegni Chapel is not only one of the greatest but also one of the most influential masterpieces in the history of Western Art. In his frescoes here, painted between 1303 and 1305, Giotto revolutionised the language of painting. The divine took on human form, thanks to the introduction of a new realism that made […]