Fiera Campionaria

11 - 19 MAY 2024
Music and concerts
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There are many attractive areas for visitors, with free entry without online registration.

There will be many products to buy, the result of innovative solutions in the technological – inventive and stylistic fields, as is the tradition of trade fairs of champions where one can find everything one may need, with a direct approach without the need to travel elsewhere or surf the net.

The Food sector, to which half of Hall 7 is dedicated, will provide visitors with tasting and purchasing opportunities for typical specialities from many Italian regions.

In the Shopping area, the proposals are very varied.

Hall 5, Ideas for Living, brings together building and furnishing, with a focus on sustainability, alternative energies and energy saving.

In Hall 4 there will be recreational activities for, sports proposals and summer centres, with the participation of various associations.

The Green Cross of Padua will bring its historical vehicles and illustrate first aid lessons. Then representatives of all the armed forces.

Finally, numerous events are planned, with concerts in Gallery 78, a track for mini quads and mini karts for children, and the 18th edition of Scodinzonaria with dog parades, demonstrations of dog training for the blind, people search and first aid courses.



Via Niccolò Tommaseo, 59, Padova
+39 049 840 111

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