Free entrance to municipal museums for S.Anthony’s Celebration

8 - 13 JUN 2024
Exhibitions and festivals
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On the occasion of Saint Anthony Celebration  will be possible to visit the Municipal Museums of Padua for free for citizens, visitors, faithful and tourists.

Civic museums at the Eremitani, Palazzo Zuckermann, Museum of the Risorgimento and the Contemporary Age, Palazzo della Ragione will be accessible. The Scrovegni Chapel and exhibitions with Siae tickets are excluded from the initiative.

Anthony, defined as the Saint of Miracles, was born in Lisbon and entered the Canons who followed the monastic rule of Saint Augustine, first in the monastery of Saint Vincent, then in that of the Holy Cross of Coimbra, a cultural centre.

He dedicated himself with interest and diligence to the study of the Bible and the Fathers of the Church, acquiring the theological knowledge which he put to good use in his teaching and preaching activities.

In Italy and France, he had such intense and effective apostolic activity.

Anthony was also among the first teachers of theology of the Friars Minor.

He began his teaching in Bologna, with the blessing of Saint Francis.

Having become provincial superior of the Friars Minor of northern Italy, he continued the ministry of preaching, alternating it with government duties.

He subsequently retired near Padua, a city that had always welcomed him with affection and veneration during his lifetime.

After his death, the splendid Basilica del Santo was built in his honour. Created by the Carrarese captain Bonifacio and frescoed by Altichiero da Zevio.



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