Gli Eroi della Medicina

17 FEB - 27 APR 2024
Cinema and theatre
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Beginning with Franciscan charity, the show outlines the figure of Sibilla de Cetto (1350-1421), founder, together with her husband Baldo de Bonafari, in 1414 of the hospital of San Francesco Grande, entrusted in its management to the College of Jurists of the University of Padua.

Between the 16th and 17th centuries there were many prominent figures in the history of medicine such as Vesalius, Harvey, during the period when Galileo Galilei was teaching in Padua (from 1592 to 1610).This is followed by the plague doctor, an amusing and historical ‘speziala’ from Padua, and in the 18th century Giovanni Battista Morgagni (1682 – 1771), famous for laying the foundations of modern pathological anatomy… until the unpredictable finale of this journey into medicine and science!

Full price ticket: 15.00 euro

Plus entrance ticket to the MUSME 8.00 euro

The admission ticket to the MUSME combined with the Animated Visit, in addition to admission to the show, entitles the holder to a visit during museum opening hours.


Tel: 324-6286197


Via San Francesco, 94, Padova
(0039) 049658767

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