Le Domeniche Al Museo della Fisica

11 - 25 FEB 2024
Guided tours and excursions
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 What is physics? How was it practised in Padua in the 18th century and later? And today?

 The museum answers these questions by proposing a “journey through time”.

The common thread throughout the Museum is the Cabinet of Physics started in Padua by Giovanni Poleni in 1739, famous in Europe at the time, which his successors enriched not only with cutting-edge devices, but also with 16th and 17th century instruments which they used for teaching.

The Museum’s objects therefore have “biographies” that are intertwined both with the history of the University of Padua and with the developments of science from the Renaissance to the 20th century and beyond. 

This is the collection now preserved and studied at the Giovanni Poleni Museum.

It reveals links between local physicists and the national and international scientific community, connections with disciplines such as art, architecture, music and psychology, as well as insights into issues in science and society. Stories of successes and failures highlight the political, social and economic context, as well as the deep connection of the collection to the territory.

Special guided tours

The 11st-18th-25th of February 2024

For info and reservation:

Link: https://shop.midaticket.it/museiateneopadova/Event/159/Dates

Giovanni Poleni Museum
Via Loredan, 10 – 35131 Padova
Part of the “Galileo Galilei” Department of Physics and Astronomy – DFA
Tel. +39 049 8277303
email: museo.fisica@unipd.it


via Loredan, 10 , Padova (PD)

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