9 MAR - 14 JUL 2024
Exhibitions and festivals
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150 years after the first exhibition in Paris that sanctioned the birth of the Impressionist movement in 1874, from 9 March at the Centro Culturale Altinate | San Gaetano in Padua a tribute will be dedicated to the man who has gone down in history as the father of the world’s most beloved artistic current: Claude Monet.

Arthemisia, together with the Municipality of Padua and the Musée Marmottan Monet, will give life to an exciting tale, through the exhibition of over 50 masterpieces – including Water Lilies, Irises, London Landscapes and many more – enriched by spectacular rooms, lots of content, videos, testimonies and magical atmospheres.

The works on display in the exhibition are those kept at the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris, which houses the French artist’s largest and most important collection of paintings, the result of a generous donation made by his son Michel in 1966. They are the works that Monet cared most about, “his” works, the ones he jealously preserved in his home in Giverny until his death, from which he never wanted to part. The exhibition is therefore also a journey into Monet’s intimate world, his home and his soul.

The exhibition is also an exceptional event since it will be the last opportunity to admire this important nucleus of Monet’s masterpieces in Italy for the next few years.

Information and reservations:


via Altinate, 71, Padova
(0039) 049 8204857

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