Mostra delle Illusioni

23 SEP 2023-FEB 25, 2024
Exhibitions and festivals
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The ‘ILLUSION EXHIBITION’, an interactive exhibition dedicated to the fascinating world of optical and perceptive illusions, opens to the public on 23 September. 
Realised by the company Museum Events Group srl, which has been working for years on historical and entertainment exhibitions, this exhibition presents the public with over 100 spectacular illusions, able to excite and amaze the visitor.

A combination of stage sets, images, first-hand experiences and a large and innovative space dedicated to the experience of virtual reality, will take the public of all ages on a journey through the mysterious and enthralling world of visual and perceptual illusions. An exhibition itinerary that will entertain visitors by testing the senses and the mind, in an unexpected and unpredictable way.

The exhibition, currently on show in Genoa in the important exhibition spaces of the Porto Antico, arrives in Italy after a European tour, where it met with the approval of thousands of visitors of all ages, in search of a new and enthralling experience.

“Mostra della Illusioni”: get ready to see the world with new eyes!

Information and booking:


Via Alvise Cornaro, 1, Padova

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