PGS ABRACADABRA: La magia dello sport per creare comunità

MAY 11, 2024
Sport and movement
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Why “PGS Abracadabra” ?

“Abracadabra” is an ancient and magical word that “creates as it is spoken” (Aramaic) that “implements as it is said” (Hebrew). “PGS Abracadabra is the magic of sports that creates community, giving well-being and joy. If we try to dream and imagine the cities of the future we see locations with green and urban areas that are increasingly within human reach. Leisure places that can be reached in a short time on foot or by bicycle, sustainable lifestyles that facilitate human relationships, networks of associations, public and private entities that interact for the well-being and happiness of people.

All this has its own name: Community.

The event involves 250 pupils from Schools in Padua (Secondary School “Tartini” and Institute “Belzoni”) and Albignasego (Primary School “Leonardo Da Vinci”) and involves 10 local associations with diversified proposals of sports activities: handbikes, artistic gymnastics, fencing, floorball, horseback riding, roundnet, rugby, parkour, inclusive soccer, activities with sound and multisensory balls, plus an inclusive music workshop and guests from beyond the region who will experience chambara karate and sports nunchaku.



Str. Pelosa 74c, Padova

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