Poenta e Renga

FEB 25, 2024
Traditions and Food
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In the past the poor man’s dish of large families in the Veneto region was Poenta e renga a large polenta,und wooden taliere in which to pour the boiling polenta accompanied by perfume or a small piece of herring too little to flavour it for the numerous members of patriarchal families in the middle of the countryside, in cold winters, after a hard day’s manual labour in the countryside.

Accompanied by a flask of red wine, another indispensable foodstuff always present on the table of the peasants that supplemented the poor lunch.

A forgotten dish for many years, known by the older generation but little known by the younger young people.

A typical Veneto dish, a delicacy that has recently returned to the limelight along with other dishes Poenta e bacala.

This is the second edition after the event held on 26 March 2023 a great public participation with about 1,000 people tasting this dish.

Again in the evocative setting of the Jewish Ghetto of Padua, the place that already after the post-war period some families, some friends to name a few Bruno Lazzarin the carpenter, Lazzaretto Giancarlo the blacksmith, Egidio Manfrotto, the Pizzeria Marechiaro and others one day a year organised a party and offered a taste of this delicious dish to residents.

Info: www.facebook.com/roccadacqua


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