Visite Animate alla Cappella degli Scrovegni

11 JUN - 25 JUL 2024
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A special evening to admire the great masterpiece in the Scrovegni Chapel in the company of the professional actors of teatrOrtaet, who will tell the stories of the Scrovegni Chapel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Who among us has not dreamed of stepping into the shoes of one of those characters studied in history books?

Taking part in an Animated Tour means giving shape to your dream… becoming the protagonist of a journey as intense and astonishing as the life of the person who took it.

Giotto and Dante, Enrico Scrovegni and his wife Jacopina d’Este, up to some of the figures painted by the painter, come to life in this unusual journey between frescoes and dramatic laudes, between the Stories of Salvation and the Divine Comedy.

The characters evoked by the actors of teatrOrtaet accompany the visitors on an itinerary that starts in the cloister of the Eremitani, and continues in the extraordinary atmosphere of the Scrovegni Chapel, where time always passes too quickly to satiate the eyes with the details of the story of Salvation.

The words enclose the contemplation of Giotto’s cycle in an emotional, yet adequately documentary frame, which is articulated around three great contrasts: wealth-poverty; fame-infamy; salvation-damnation.

Full price ticket 22 €

Animated Visit 15 €

Reduced price ticket 10 € (free for children under 5 and the disabled) + 7 € to the Scrovegni Chapel

Compulsory booking and information

Tel: 324-6286197


Maximum number of participants: 25


Piazza Eremitani, 8, Padova
(0039) 049 2010020

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