FIAB PADOVA Friends of the Bicycle

Bike tourism with the Association

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The Association joins to the FIAB – Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation and to the ECF – European Cyclists’ Federation.

Founded in 1995, it is an environmental organization for social promotion and encourages the use of bicycles as a daily, economic and ecological means of locomotion. It proposes to local administrations the creation of safe cycle paths, pedestrian areas and 30 km / h zones in residential areas.

During the year FIAB Padua organizes cycle excursions as a form of tourism that is particularly respectful of the environment, which allows you to get to know the area from a historical, cultural and environmental point of view.

The day is a moment of aggregation along cycle paths, pedestrian paths and roads with low traffic intensity. During the outings you do not run, you bike and stop for every occurrence. The companions are volunteers who want to have fun and ride like the others.

Participation is subject to the payment of a small contribution for third party liability insurance and for accident. The excursion program indicates which exits are
open to all and which only for members.

More details in the website.

You can also find us on Facebook @FiabPadova – Twitter @AdBPadova and Instagram: fiab_padova


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