The South of Padua

Bassa Padovana_paesaggio

Large expanses of fields, interspersed here and there by bell towers and ancient villas, create the landscape south of Padua. Rivers and canals cross the quietness of an area where the sounds and scents of yesteryear welcome us as our grandmother did when we were little. The countryside of Lower Padua, bordered to the north […]

FIAB PADOVA Friends of the Bicycle

The Association joins to the FIAB – Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation and to the ECF – European Cyclists’ Federation. Founded in 1995, it is an environmental organization for social promotion and encourages the use of bicycles as a daily, economic and ecological means of locomotion. It proposes to local administrations the creation of safe […]

Historical gardens and parks

Parco d'Europa. Foto di Elisa Bandiera

Are you in town but want to breathe greener air? Padova offers a list of six green areas where you can do physical exercise, relax under the branches of the trees and take children to play. 1. Treves de’ Bonfili park A historic garden just a few steps from the Basilica of the Saint, designed […]

Ten things not to be missed in Padova

1. Giotto and the series of frescoes of fourteenth century Padova The famous Padua Urbs Picta, officially recognised by UNESCO in summer 2021, represents the most prestigious and important element of fourteenth century Padova. 8 different sites, divided into four components: Scrovegni and Eremitani (1), Palazzo della Ragione, Reggia, Baptistery and their squares (2), Cittadella […]

The Spa and the Euganean Hills

The largest wellness area in Europe is less than 20 minutes from Padova, right in the heart of the Euganean Hills, an example of volcanism with villas, castles and abbeys. In the towns of Abano, Montegrotto, Battaglia and Galzignano Terme you can find specialized facilities with mud therapy, massage, balneotherapy, SPA and thermal water pools. […]

Park of Europe and the Crystal Garden

The Crystal Garden (Giardino di Cristallo) was created inside a structure reminiscent of a flower corolla to house the municipal collection of succulent plants donated by Prof. Angelo Levis to the city. It features aloe, agaves, euphorbias, pachipodium, chorisia, bursera, moringa, bombax, cacti, typical plants of the desert areas of North and South America and […]

Padua: a city of watercourses

Porta Portello

Padua can also claim full rights to being a “water city”. Legend has it, in fact, that it was founded by Antenor within a double bend of the river Medoacus (which in time became known as the Brenta). Thus it occupied a good site for trade; the ready access to river water was also essential […]

Cycling in Padua and the surrounding areas

Padua’s association with cycling is no accident. It is estimated that there are around 60,000 university students in the city, and at least half of them use bicycles to get around; and the same means of transport is used by at least 30% of the city’s inhabitants, who number around 212,000. In the golden years […]